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Net Orbit 6.0

Net Orbit Net Orbit 6.0

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Net Orbit Editor's Review

'Net Orbit' is a remote spying software, which helps you monitor your employee or student. The program doesn't offer too many features and appears easy-to-use. However, this first impression wasn't accurate, because the problems emerged as soon as I started testing the program. Establishing the connection was easy. However, when I tried to see the remote desktop, I discovered that you needed to turn the connection to 'low quality'. Otherwise, you can't do too many things. Before switching to low quality, when I closed a program on another computer, the window stayed on my preview window and I couldn't see anything else. However, on the other computer the window was gone.

This is a huge resource and network user, because it generated traffic of several Mb over the network. When I was connected to another computer, the user of that computer couldn't use it, because it was moving very slow.


Drawbacks / flaws: Big resources user. The two computers used were AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processors with 1 Gb of RAM.

In conclusion: If you want to monitor a network, I suggest to use Classroom Spy Professional. It's less expensive and works fine.

version reviewed: 1.5

Net Orbit Publisher's Description

The administrator like IT managers can perform employee network monitoring, LIVE monitoring, view logged activity and control users computer right from your desktop. Under the LIVE monitoring features, it lets you view live screen of every employee or student, zoom into any particular one, live events, live keystrokes, temporary web history, open ports...

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