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Net Orbit 2.0

Net Orbit Editor's Review

'Net Orbit' is a remote spying software, which helps you monitor your employee or student. The program doesn't offer too many features and appears easy-to-use. However, this first impression wasn't accurate, because the problems emerged as soon as I started testing the program. Establishing the connection was easy. However, when I tried to see the remote desktop, I discovered that you needed to turn the connection to 'low quality'. Otherwise, you can't do too many things. Before switching to low quality, when I closed a program on another computer, the window stayed on my preview window and I couldn't see anything else. However, on the other computer the window was gone.

This is a huge resource and network user, because it generated traffic of several Mb over the network. When I was connected to another computer, the user of that computer couldn't use it, because it was moving very slow.


Drawbacks / flaws: Big resources user. The two computers used were AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processors with 1 Gb of RAM.

In conclusion: If you want to monitor a network, I suggest to use Classroom Spy Professional. It's less expensive and works fine.

version reviewed: 1.5

What's Required in Version 2.0 of Net Orbit

Intel or AMD 433mhz or Better, 64MB RAM, TCP/IP Network

What's New in Version 2.0 of Net Orbit

Version 2.0 features new engine and interface, adds URL, keystroke, and application recording, on-screen annotation, admin broadcasting.

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